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BELT SPREADER, VIKING 3 Ton - 6 Ton, Low Profile, Trailing
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  • SKU: V 3000L

BELT SPREADER, VIKING 3 Ton - 6 Ton, Low Profile, Trailing

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  • Barcode: V 3000L
The Viking multi spreader is capable of spreading dry fertilizer, compost & lime with a 500mm wide stainless steel hydraulic drive mesh chain conveyor.

* Stainless mesh conveyer : It conveys more exact amount of fertilizer or sand and is more durable than rubber conveyers
* Stainless Steel parts : A hopper, feeding conveyer belt, spinner discs, vanes and prevent plate
* The speed of spinner disc can be controlled by a valve
* Ground driven : As the fertilizer that fed into spinner disc varies according to the rotating speed of a wheel, it is possible to spread evenly regardless of the speed of a vehicle (As a result, the faster a vehicle run the larger amount of fertilizer is fed, the slower a vehicle run the smaller amount of fertilizer is fed)
* Hydraulic automatic system : The operation of conveyor and that of fertilizer outlet is linked both are controlled by one hydraulic lever
* Relief valve: Durability of hydraulic motor for spinner disc is improved by installing relief valve (It controls the pressure that occurred when the motor stops and overload)
* Hydraulic outlet shutter: The outlet size can be controlled and fixed as you want
* Windows to see inside fertilizer
* Safety grill: Optional
* Twin side conveyors: Optional for orchards & vineyards
* Hydraulic driven system: Optional

Specifications: Viking 3000
Hopper Capacity: 2.7m3
Nominal Capacity: 3,000kg
Width: 1800mm
Height: 1795mm
Feed Mesh Chain Width: 500mm
Disc Size: 600mm
Axles: Single
Tires: 11.5/80-15.3 x 2
Type: Pull
Power: Ground Driven / Hydraulic