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FT SELECT TURBO JET 8 - Air seeder - outlet 12v, 500LT Hopper
FT SELECT TURBO JET 8 - Air seeder - outlet 12v, 500LT Hopper

FT SELECT TURBO JET 8 - Air seeder - outlet 12v, 500LT Hopper

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  • Product Type: Seeder
  • Barcode: TURBOJET SPR 8

The Farmtech Select OKO-TURBO Multifunctional seeder with stainless steel unit, with 5 or 8 outlet tubes, 7.5m hoses, a 130L plastic hopper, 12V drive from tractor battery and electric control unit in-cab for on/off switching, speed adjustment of seed roll and adjustable seed amount while moving.

For small seeds, fertilizer, and granulates! A small amount of fertilizer placed with seeding can be arranged at one path. Proudly manufactured in AUSTRIA.
12v pressure fans with seed roller metering device with 5 and 8 outlets with scatter plates. Multi-functional stainless steel seeding unit. Upgrade any implement to seed on the go.

Multi pulpous 12 volts drive mini air seeder for a variety of seeding applications.

Standard Features.

1-  5 or 8 outlets covering from 1m to 3-meter width

2-  hopper capacities  70L and 120L

3-  in-cab controller for variable seed rate

4-  fluted roller for various seed sizes

5-  12 volt fan forced for positive seed placement

6-  easily mounted to most machines, quick to remove and mount to another machine 


* Multi-functional stainless steel seeding unit

* Selective 3, 4, or 5 outlet tubes (diameter 30mm)

* Hoses and spreader plates (diameter 30mm)

* 12v electric turbine

* 90L or 130L plastic hopper

* 12v drive from the tractor battery

* Adjustable Flaps

* Electric seed roll motor

* Standard seed roll agitator

* Working width 1-4m (depending on seed & mounting height)


* On/off

* Stepless adjustment of seed roll (output amount)

* On/off sensor and seed shaft rotation control sensor

* Calibration


* Seed roll for a small amount

* Metal seed roll

Machine/Equipment base price only, additional price for optional extras. 

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