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  • Barcode: BM 14

Economical multi pulpous seed drill for favourable soil conditions.

BM Seed drill is based on the world-proven Connorshea disc drill with a long successful history. Proudly manufactured in Turkey.

Farmtech Select BM Single Disc Seed Drill provides seed planting on prepared soil. Widely used for seeding of cereal seeds (wheat, rye, barley, oats etc.), legumes (peas, beans, lentils) and other crops close to the size of a seed with its corresponding fertilizer requirements.

Seed Drills are produced from 12 up to 28 rows (1,70-4,00m). These machines can be produced with mechanical or hydraulic lifting lever of sowing discs, with drawbar or three-point linkage system for transportation, mechanical or hydraulic markers for marker control, with big of small wheels, with tractor track ripper and with our without fertilizer hopper.

The machine has three main parts:

- an input area where seed pipes are connected through valves for easy filling (and emptying),
- discs that hold soil firmly but not so tight they squeeze out water from under them as some other planting methods do, and
- outlets on these discs for holding fertilizers while still allowing access when necessary.

These components work together wonderfully: firstly it's possible to control how much fertilizer you want to be applied based on your preferred coverage ratio because of the amount put into each outlet.

Model - Farmtech Select BM 14
Number Of Discs: 14
Total width: 2754 mm
Total Length: 2920 mm
Total Height: 1430 mm
Working Depth Max: 100 mm
Working Width: 1988 mm
Length Of Hopper: 2154 mm
Space Between Of Disc: 142 mm
Space Between Wheels: 2586 mm
Fertilizer Hopper Volume: 229 L
Seed Hopper Volume: 329 L
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity: 200 kg
Speed Hopper Capacity Wheat: 235 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Barley: 182 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Oats: 140 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Lentil: 270 kg
Required Power: 45-50 HP
Weight: 790 kg

Machine/Equipment base price only, additional price for optional extras. 

We can deliver this machine Australia wide, just ask us for a delivered price.

FarmTech represents Agromaster (Turkey) as their national distributor in Australia should you prefer to buy this machine through your local dealer, you can do that too, just ask!

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