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AgroMaster hay rake with rotors is an IDEAL MACHINE that facilitates the picking and the baling with the grass picking trailer or baling machine by forming the harvested feed-plants in barrels arranged at regular intervals. It has a high manoeuvrability and has little power requirements and wide range performances. It performs a high-quality picking by leaving clean stubble as it doesnt leave any stone or similar objects in the grass that has been picked.

The rake arms that constitute the picking unit of the machine are attached to the conveyor slots after being disassembled; in this way, the total length of the machine is minimized by folding suitably for safe transport.

Specifications - T-OT 370-9
Working Width: 3400 mm
Transport Width: 1700 mm
Rotor Diameter: 3705 mm
No Of Spring Tines Per Arm: 6
No Of Arms: 9
Working Speed: 13km/h
Machine Weight: 377 kg