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T-ATRT 3000 Heavy Type Rotary Tiller with Spring Cover is a secondary tillage tool used for preparing seed-beds and stubble ploughing on farms, vineyards and gardens. The multi-purpose and long lasting environment friendly machine helps increase the humus content of the soil by incorporating plant residue and organic fertiliser into the soil and is powered by the PTO shaft. The milling cutter blades shred, mixes and crumbles the soil and increases the water-air balance by operating vertically.

The machine shafts have a safety arrangement that prevents the tractor or machine from being damaged in the event of stones or roots getting caught up in the process.

Specifications - T-ATRT 3000
Working Width: 3,000mm
Working Depth: 220mm
Overall Width: 3,553mm
Overall Length: 2085mm
Overall Height: 1270mm
Number Of Flanges: 12
Number Of Blades: 72
Weight With Cage Roller: 1440kg
PTO: 540rpm
Gearbox Rating: 150HP
Required Power: 95-110HP