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6 Row Pneumatic Double Disc Planter c/w Fertilizer Boxes
  • SKU: PPP06 F

6 Row Pneumatic Double Disc Planter c/w Fertilizer Boxes

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  • Product Type: Seeders
  • Barcode: PPP06 F

Vacuum plate planter for the precision of seeds

Three-point linkage planter ground drive to seeder mechanism with PTO to a vacuum system

standard features
1- star type disc opener
2- double press wheels
3- large seedbed prep wheels
4- 70 cm row spacing standard
5- Variable spacing from 45 to 80cm
6- Optional Fertiliser boxes
7- Optional press wheel style

Quality, European-made, six-row precision planter.

* Designed to make sowing with high depth-precision, without any effect from straw waste on the field in every kind of soil and climate conditions.
* The unit weight is distributed evenly to the ground, thanks to depth adjustment wheels which have a wide contact surface.
* It doesn’t increase the penetration resistance of the soil. In this way, especially in the ridge planting applications, the sowing operation happens without damage to ridges that have been prepared before.
* Maximum sowing depth precision with depth adjustment wheels which work in tandem.
* Practical depth adjustment which is made from one single point.
* Low-angle positioned double disc design which doesn’t become affected by the straw waste on the field.
* Angle, width, and pressure adjustable V-type pressure wheels.
* Moveable seed pressure wheels which increase the contact with the soil and seed.
* Double disc, high and stiff, adjustable fertilizer coulters.
* Other models available. 4, 8, or 10-row machines.

Specifications - PPP06
Width: 3880 mm
Height: 2710 mm
Length: 2230 mm
Seed Tank Volume: 6 x 32
Fertiliser Tank Volume: 780 L
Disc Hole Diameter: 1-6 mm
Disc Hole No: Variable
Distance Between Rows: 700 mm
Row-Top Distance: 1-177 cm
Operating Speed: 5-7 km/h
Required Power: 100+ HP
Weight: 1475 kg

* Plastic or steel fertiliser hoppers
* Telescopic frame for easy road transport
* Disc type furrow opener
* Front pressure wheelset for beet planting.
* Singular rear press wheels in-lieu of double.
* Powder chemical distributor
* In-cab seed control/monitoring system

Machine/Equipment base price only, additional price for optional extras. 

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