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FT SELECT VIKING 3 Ton -BELT SPREADER - Low Profile, Trailing
  • SKU: V 3000L

FT SELECT VIKING 3 Ton -BELT SPREADER - Low Profile, Trailing

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Trailed chain spreader perfect for spreading chicken manure, compost, lime, gypsum, and granular fertiliser up to 25m wide.

Designed to be low to the ground to fit under the vine.

Standard features
1- Trailed
2- Stainless Steel mesh chain, hopper, spinner discs, vanes and prevent the plate
3- in-cab Spinner speed control

options & configurations
1- 1800 or 2700L capacity
2- HYD or ground drive
3- Twin side conveyors or spinners

The Viking multi spreader is capable of spreading dry fertilizer, compost & lime with a 500mm wide stainless steel hydraulic drive mesh chain conveyor.

* Stainless mesh conveyer: It conveys a more exact amount of fertilizer or sand and is more durable than rubber conveyers
* Stainless Steel parts: A hopper, feeding conveyer belt, spinner discs, vanes and prevent the plate
* The speed of the spinner disc can be controlled by a valve
* Ground driven: As the fertilizer that fed into the spinner disc varies according to the rotating speed of a wheel, it is possible to spread evenly regardless of the speed of a vehicle (As a result, the faster a vehicle run the larger amount of fertilizer is fed, the slower a vehicle run the smaller amount of fertilizer is fed)
* Hydraulic automatic system: The operation of conveyor and that of fertilizer outlet is linked both are controlled by one hydraulic lever
* Relief valve: Durability of hydraulic motor for spinner disc is improved by installing relief valve (It controls the pressure that occurred when the motor stops and overload)
* Hydraulic outlet shutter: The outlet size can be controlled and fixed as you want
* Windows to see inside fertilizer
* Safety grill: Optional
* Twin side conveyors: Optional for orchards & vineyards
* Hydraulic-driven system: Optional

Specifications: Farmtech Select Viking 3000L
Hopper Capacity: 2.7m3
Nominal Capacity: 3,000kg
Spreading Width: 20-25m
No. Discs: 2
Outlet Shutter Control: Hydraulic
Spreading Pattern: Full-Width Spreading (180 Degree)
Weight: 1,250kg
Length: 5,150mm
Height: 1,625mm
Width: 1,800mm
Feed Mesh Chain Width: 500mm
Disc Size: 600mm
Hopper Material: Stainless Steel
Axles: Single
Tires: 11.5/80-15.3 x 2
Type: Pull
Power: Ground Driven & Hydraulic

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