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  • Product Type: Seeders
  • Barcode: PPP04
Vacuum plate planter for the precision of seeds

Three-point linkage planter ground drive to seeder mechanism with PTO to a vacuum system

Standard Features:
1- disc opener
2- double press wheels
3- large seedbed prep wheels
4- 70 cm row spacing standard
5- Variable spacing from 45 to 80cm
6- Optional Fertiliser boxes
7- Optional press wheel style

Pneumatic Precision Planters are modern planting machines that can plant the seeds in a row individually with utmost precision.

Thus pneumatic planting machine ensures minimum seed consumption and optimal product yield. t is possible to plant sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, watermelon, melon, squash, non-fibrous cotton, beet, cucumber, fennel tomato, Kochia, vegetable, and onion seeds with utmost precision. The distance between rows is between 27cm and 90cm. Distance above rows is variable. There are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 rowed options.

A pneumatic planter is a planting machine of the hydraulically suspended type which capable of planting by attaching to a tractor by a three-point suspension mechanism. Therefore, it may be easily transported to the field where planting will take place and has the advantage of leaving less unplanted soil at the boundaries of the field as it may easily draw closer to the boundary of the field. The fan system on the pneumatic planter provides the vacuum required for the seeds to hold on to the planting plate holes. The planting units consist of major components such as a plowing foot with the adjustable level which scrapes large lumps of soil and dry soil in the front, the seed tank, seed cell, diffusing unit, seed planting axe, covering hoes with an adjustable level which cover the seeds once they have been poured into the row, pressure wheel and a cord which adjusts the level of the pressure wheel.
In a machine with fertilizer equipment, the fertilizer tanks may be optionally made of plastic or steel.

Usually, it is more appropriate to use where there is plenty of straw waste on the field.

Depth settings can be adjusted with the help of the wheels next to the planter disc, while pressure is applied with V-shaped pressure wheels at the rear of the unit. Also optionally a seed pressure wheel is attached to the rear side of the planter discs for small and delicate seeds.
For disc type machines, fertiliser coulter is also produced with double discs.

Specifications - PPP04
Width: 2980 mm
Height: 1730 mm
Length: 2230 mm
Seed Tank Volume: 4 x 32
Fertiliser Tank Volume: 480 L
Disc Hole Diameter: 1-6 mm
Disc Hole No: Variable
Distance Between Rows: 700 mm
Row-Top Distance: 1-177 cm
Operating Speed: 5-7 km/h
Required Power: 80-100 HP
Weight: 1180 kg

Machine/Equipment base price only, additional price for optional extras. 

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