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Hy-Si silage innoculant 10L bottle
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Hy-Si silage innoculant 10L bottle

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Hay And Silage Inoculant
10 Litres

HY-SI is non-corrosive, requires no refrigeration, has the longest shelf life when mixed, is safe to the operator and safe for the environment.

HY-SI Is A Tool To Help accelerate the conversion of plant sugars into lactic acid.
HY-SI contains cobalt resulting from the dextro-lac process. HY-SI is different because it works with the existing bacteria present in the forage, complementing and accelerating the natural ensiling process.

HY-SI works to reduce energy and protein losses that typically occur in the wilting, fermentation and feed out stages. HY-SI is used by farmers worldwide since 1969 for improved milk and meat production.

Product Features:
• Reduce the wilting time, bailing hay sooner with up to 25% moisture retaining more colour, leaf, energy and protein
• Increase digestibility and palatability
• Increase conversion of sugar to lactic acid for improved hay preservation, reducing heating and spoilage

• Accelerate the natural ensiling process through more rapid conversion of sugar to lactic acid
• Retain more energy and dry matter
• Improve palatability for increased livestock dry matter intake

• Improved digestive efficiency due to carry over of cobalt dextro-lac in hay and silage
• Improved dry matter intake due to more rapid breakdown of forage in the rumen
• Improved utilisation of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals in forage
• Less wastage – less fibre and protein in manure

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