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  • Barcode: VENTO 8

German Technology at its finest. 

Multi pulpous 12 volts drive Air seeder with in-cab controller and fan-forced delivery for a variety of seeding applications.

Standard Features.
1- 8 to 16 outlets covering up to 12 meters
2- hopper capacities made to order
3- in-cab controller for variable seed rate
4- a variety of fluted roller sizes to match various seed sizes
5- 12 volt fan forced for positive seed placement
6- easily mounted to most machines, quick to remove for storage or to mount on another machine
7- stainless steel scatter plates
8- headland management
9- optional raider seeding rate control

The 12-volt pneumatic hose spreader for the delivery of cover crops, grasses, and other granulates.

* Working width from 1 m to 8 m at 12 Volts
* Distribution volume up to 40 kg/ha at 18 km/h
* 8 or 16 hose outlets are possible (depending on the working width)
* 12-Volt high-performance blower
* 120-litre or 230-litre containers with residual drainage
* Tare weight between 50kg 60 kg
* Automatic dispensing as standard (speed-dependent dispensing) via 7-pin contact
* Automatic dispensing optionally via wheel sensor or GPS receiver (see Accessories)
* Agitator for slow-flowing spreading materials as standard
* Tool-free assembly/dismantling of the hoses
* Tool-free changing of the rotary feeder shaft
* Various cells for various spreading materials

Special Features
Rotary feeder shaft: Tool-free changing of the rotary feeder shaft. Various cells for various spreading materials

High-performance blower
With 8 hose outlets, one high-performance blower as standard.
With 16 hose outlets, two high-performance blowers as standard.

For slow-flowing spreading materials as standard

Hose outlets
Tool-free assembly/dismantling of the hoses

All operation is via the modern LAS 3 PSM control panel directly from the driver's seat. The delivery volume, distance, and product can be set directly. The control panel also features various displays and error messages.

Properties of the control panel:
* Speed-dependent dispensing as standard
* Automatic calibration program
* Storage of various spreading materials
* Residual drainage program
* Complete monitoring of the machine via the control panel Empty indicator
* Choice of various languages

With automatic dispensing, the speed of the rotary feeder is calculated according to the following values:

* Speed
* Delivery volume
* Distance between hoses
* Calibration value of the spreading material

The spreading process can be stopped at any time. Otherwise, the dispensing is stopped automatically when the hydraulics are raised.

The spreader can also be operated in manual mode. To do this, all parameters such as working width and delivery volume must be entered manually.

Machine/Equipment base price only, additional price for optional extras. 

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